Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Maybe Maybe

So i am thinking of actually using this thing and updating AT LEAST once a week.We will see how that goes;)

As for this week it is busy busy busy.The holidays are in full swing and starting tomorrow we will be gone from our home till Sunday.I dont mind because Christmas is my favorite time of the year.Its just a little more tiering now that i am growing a human in me.

I guess I will update you all on the baby.I am now 17 weeks 4 days pregnant and feeling great.I have been starting to feeling the baby alot during the day and cant wait to feel the kicks on the outside.Only 2 more weeks and we get to have our ultrasound to find out what he/she is although we do think he is a boy.I almost hate saying that out loud for the risk of feeling dumb if it is a girl.I just want to know either way so i can start buying stuff.

Thats it for now I will try and get some photos up soon.Happy holidays!