Thursday, October 14, 2010

It official.... Im Pregant

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Debuting May 2011 will be Johnson baby #3!! We are so very excited to be having another baby but even more excited that it was a complete shock to everyone.No one had a clue we were going to ever have another baby so telling everyone was exciting.I am due May 27th 2011 and just want to have a very normal next 7 months.As for now I am starting to get anxious about what we will have.Of coarse everyone wants us to have a boy so it is making me want one now.I always said if i had another baby i would want it to be a girl but there is that little nag in me saying"you want a boy" Time will tell.I want this pregnancy to hurry up and be done with but at the same time I do want to cherish every moment.So for now little baby nugget your grow healthy inside there and please stick around so we can see your precious face