About Us


We are a Loving family of 5!

Me the Momma: I stay home and take care of our 3 beautiful children(Final count 2 girls,1 boy and a cat)Im in charge of fundraising on the PTO for the girls school.Help out with Girl scout meetings.I am a yelling soccer mom and passionate gymnastics observer.

The Dad: Works hard everyday so that the mom can "do her thing raising the kids".Some of his many passions are fishing and woodworking.He brings logic and balance into the family.We love him tons:)

Girl #1: Kenzie Lynne is a big 8 year old who is very much into soccer.She is an amazing artist,great dancer and loves to read.She also loves to go fishing with the Dad!

Girl #2: Bailey is very much a 6 year old free spirit.She has constantly said over her short lifetime she never wants to grow up( The mom doesn't either) She is an animal whisperer. My non stop ball of energy who is super talented at gymnastics.

The Boy: As the new addition at only 20 months he is a little turd.He is standing his ground and becoming a strong little BOY.He has had lots of challenges in his life having Moebius Syndrome but over comes them all with his happy personality.

The Cat: Her name is Belle or Meow Meow.She hates the Momma and Girl #1.Girl #2 is her Owner and best friend!