Friday, July 13, 2012

The life of Owens Tummy

To start off I want to say I have missed writing,not that I did it much, but when reading back on my earlier post I realized why I wrote all my thoughts in the first place.It is a great release to express yourself and share your info with others.With that said I want to share Owens tummy troubles.

The tummy of Owen is pretty upset.Starting right around 2 months old he became this fussy crying creature that I didnt know how to take care of.My girls were never like that so it was a new territory.Then at 2.5 months the projectile vomit started.Sorry for the bluntness of it but it was nasty.**Mom tip carry an extra pair of clothes for you at all times and cover EVERYTHING in your house with blankets** After trips to the Gastroenterologist he was diagnosed with GERD.The next couple months consisted of changing his medicine  a couple times and me changing my diet because I was nursing but it all seemed to help.We officially stopped his medicine at 11 months old and all seemed good till he got weighed on the scale.

Owens weight was always a concern but they thought he just wasn't gaining because of all the throwing up he was doing.Once the throw up stopped we had to start to look into other reasons why he wasn't gaining weight(3% underweight) so It was advised that I stop breastfeeding him.We started him on regular formula and it went down hill from there.2 weeks of explosive diarrhea and throwing up later we switched him to Nutramigen.No big deal Kenzie had to be on that.Well 2 weeks of that and no change.At this point Owen is now starting to loose weight.We then try Soy milk...this time he starts to get blood in his stool and woke up with a huge buldge in his tummy.After a trip to the ER and to his Gastro doctor we were told he has a Ventral Hernia and put on new uber digested and broke down food called Pediasure Peptide.

The peptide is its own story about fighting with insurance to pay for it(which never happened) It cost us $188 out of pocket for a 9 day supply!! It seemed to help but he still had terrible diarrhea with it and was still loosing weight.We tryed Almond milk and have been doing coconut milk as well.

Yesterday we had an apt with the Allergist(just add it to the list of Owens specialist) It was awesome to have a doctor break it all down and tell me how the body works and reacts to things.Owen was such a trooper looking like a little old man shirtless waiting for his test.After a prick on the back and a 15 min wait it was confirmed Owen has a severe Milk protine and Soy allergy.OK I as a mom I think I knew this but it is nice to have it confirmed.Again it was awesome to get all the info on the allergy and the difference between intolerance and allergy.Because of Owens other eating issues due to Moebius he gets most of his nutrition from a bottle.So now we are on a whole new formula because the Pedisure peptide still had milk protein in it.Our new food is Neocate Jr that he will be on till he is about 2 years old.Im hoping this will help him start gaining weight because he is officially diagnosed with "Failure to thrive" Yesterdays weight he was 17.1lbs and he is 14 1/2 months put into perspective at 3 months he weight 13lbs.

I know we are on a long road of a medical maze with Owen and I thank you all for you support and prayers.

My little trooper waiting for his test:)