Friday, February 3, 2012

O.T. and P.T backtracking

This post is to reflect back on all our progress threw O.T. and P.T.

I want to start by saying it is a VERY difficult thing to admit that your child is "behind".Every part of my logical thinking  knows that Owen has Moebius Syndrome but I on a everyday basis compare him to "Normal" kids.For starters he was a month early.To some this may not mean anything but if you have a child that was early you can relate.All 3 of my kids were early (4-5 weeks) so I am use to putting them on somewhat of a curve but Owen I am struggling to understand where he will be in his development.

We started him on therapy at 3 months old.Getting ready for my first visit I remember thinking"we dont need to go he is right on track for all of his "skills" he needs to be at.When I left his first appointment I remember feeling crushed.He wasnt anywhere where he needed to be.To start not only is Owens left side of his face effected his ENTIRE left side in general is effected.

Owen's left hand was always closed in a fist,he wanted to hold something in that hand at all times.He wouldn't grab with his left hand.He wouldn't roll to his left and he would tilt his head.He tilted he head because his left eye could not look laterally so he had to over compensate for his eye

To help with his closed fist I had to work with him Daily on keeping his hand open.I would hold his right hand and arm down during play time to encourage him to use his left hand.We had to force him to look to the left and roll to the left whenever possible.Owen wears a eye patch, on his "good"-right eye,to try and correct his tilt in his head and correct his crossed right eye he has.

With Moebius Syndrome they can have mussel  tone problems which he def has.He wasn't able to hold his head up on his own til around 7 months.At the same time he started sitting up on his own.At 8.5 months he started "army" crawling.Our current skill we are working on is him being able to crawl on all four's.He has a difficult time putting his knees underneath of him.He tends to whine but it is getting better and better on a daily bases.

For me I have to remind myself that "babies" have a couple month range of when they do things. Weather they are early or have a physical delay. Today's appointment was encouraging for me because I was told he is right on track for all his "skills" even with being early.We now only have to go to O.T. once a month and P.T every other month to make sure he is on track.As a mom this means so much to me.I am told every visit that they can really tell I work with him alot.As difficult as this journey is/has been, I would never think of doing any less for for my kids.
I feel like I am leaving out alot of valuable info/tricks from therapy but as I remember I will try and do updates.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Really,the year is over??

In starting this I cant believe it has really been 5 months since my last entry!Still in shock.Everyday I have the thought "oh I need to blog that so I remember" but in lifes daily battle of time management I never can find the time.To say we are busy is a understatement. Im sure any parent with school age children can relate let alone adding a baby on top of that!

Where do I begin...Owen ,my sweet sweet baby boy, has grown into a full blown mobile baby.I can hardly believe it.Our doctors visits and therapy's are getting further and further apart so I now ENJOY him as a baby and not a medical specimen.At his O.T. appointment yesterday I was thinking back to how he was only 3 months old when we started going there and now at 9 months how far he has come. Just in the last couple weeks he has started arming crawling.I feel like just last week i was trying to get him to hold his head up on his own.What will he be 15 next week!!

Mackenzie is thriving in first grade.School was out for 3 weeks and she was begging to go back.She loves her teachers and enjoys school work(defanantly didnt get that from me).I can see her as a little adult.She is so responsible and always wanting to help with everything.
Bailey is starting to "get" school.She doesnt think she is there to play she is learning and learning fast!To see how much she has developed in half of the year makes me so happy!!
Soccer is about to start up for them again along with cookie sales just starting for Girl Scouts.As much as I want a "break", seeing them enjoy all their activities makes me a happy momma.

As for me I finally feel like im moving out of the "new baby" mommy stage.I feel like life is getting back to somewhat of a normalcy.this month is going to bring me back i think to a crazy point because we have all of Owens checkups with all his specialist.His O.T. and P.T. has gone from 1x a month back to every other week just to make sure he is staying on track.We also have a in home person that comes weekly.

Im going to be playing catch up with my blog so I will go into depth a little more in upcoming post about each of his therapy's.In doing that I am hoping to help others out there who would like to know exactly what we do in therapy.With that I leave you for the day to go crawl around with my boy.