Thursday, January 24, 2013


Wow a post 2 days in a row..who am I ???

Today something extraordinary is going on.Today is full of love,education and acceptance for Owens syndrome.To see all the support from our friends,family and strangers is pretty amazing.It starts with a post.One simple post.That one post gets shared and eventually after a BIG game of tag there are hundreds of people who know about Moebius Syndrome.Hundreds of people sharing acceptance and knowledge of other peoples struggles.

I hope everyone takes this day to not only acknowledge Moebius Syndrome but to teach your children to accept others even if they are different looking,shy, have a different personality or different beliefs then you.As parents we are the ones who mold our children and teach them right from wrong.Teaching them to accept others is part of doing right from wrong.As adults I hope you take today to look at your relationships with others.How do YOU react when you see someone that is different or not to your standards? I hope you take today and pledge to change your thoughts and actions.

I want to again thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the support and love you have shown us in the last almost 2 years of Owens life.This is a journey we are on and Im so happy to share it with all of you and spread awareness to others.Mark your calendars For Jan 24th every year and don't forget to wear purple to show your support!



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